Botox for Ventura  Oxnard and Camarillo

What can Botox do for you?

Botox can help anyone look younger, healthier and more radiant 

FAQ about Botox

Does Botox hurt?

At Celeberating Women Center, Dr. Adrienne  E. Lara M.D. is one of the few practioners to use a unique topical numbing solution and  the smallest needles available. Where as you may feel pressure you will feel the most minimal of pain

What are units and how many do I need?

Units are a way of measuring the amount of Botox you use. For example 20 units is the amount needed to take away the 11 lines, which is the frown between the eyebrows. On a single visit, many patients vary depending on need, wants and budget. On average 40-50 units is the norm.

Shouldn’t I go to a Plastic Surgeon for Botox? Why a Ob/Gyn?

Not necessarily  as a 14 year Harvard trained and educated surgeon, one of the areas of expertise that Adrienne Lara has focused is the techniques and care of the aesthetics of women. Her surgical training and many years of experience in injecting make her the ideal doctor to come to.

When should I see results and how often do I need Botox?

You will see results a week after your procedure and full results in 2 weeks. It is recommended that you renew your Botox every 3-4 months or as needed.



Per unit prices of Botox with Dr. Adrienne Lara: $15

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