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Imagine your skin being able to rejuvenate itself to smooth out lines and wrinkle and diminish the appearance of scars, including acne and cesarean section scars. Dr. Adrienne Lara, MD, is an expert in regenerative medicine and offers microneedling at Celebrating Women Center in Oxnard, California. Microneedling enhances your natural beauty simply and effectively by stimulating your body’s own healing power. To learn more about microneedling and how Dr. Lara can help you, call the office or schedule an appointment using online booking.

Microneedling Q & A

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment aimed at improving the look and feel of your skin. Dr. Lara and her staff use the SkinPen® for microneedling treatment, which is the only FDA-cleared microneedling device proven to be effective for reducing the appearance of acne scars. The 14 needles in the SkinPen allow it to do 900 treatments per minute.

When applied to the skin, the tiny needles slightly injury the area, causing a cascade of reactions that leads to regeneration of your tissue.

What does microneedling treat?

Dr. Lara uses microneedling to treat a number of skin imperfections. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Acne scars
  • C-section scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin discoloration and brown spots

Dr. Lara takes a collaborative approach to your care and works with you to determine how you might benefit from microneedling. She takes great joy in being able to enhance your natural beauty with regenerative medical treatments.

How does microneedling work?

Microneedling with SkinPen stimulates your body’s natural healing power, which occurs in three phases:


When the needles in the SkinPen poke your skin, it causes inflammation, which stimulates your body’s immune system to increase blood flow to the area and naturally disinfect the wound.


To heal the slight injury caused by the SkinPen, your body increases production of new cells to close the wound, including elastin and collagen, which are the proteins in your skin that provide support and elasticity. Microneedling is sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy.


The end result of microneedling is remodeled skin. The wound is now closed with new, younger, stronger collagen cells that tighten the area to create a smoother look.

What can I expect during treatment with microneedling?

Dr. Lara values authenticity and integrity and discusses what you can expect during treatment before you get started so there are no surprises.

Treatment with SkinPen is painless and usually take no more than 30 minutes, although your specific treatment time may vary depending on what you’re having done.

Once treatment is complete, Dr. Lara applies a cooling mask to reduce redness and provides a moisturizing product to assist in the healing process. There’s no downtime following microneedling and you can go right back to your usual day afterwards.

While you may notice a significant improvement in your skin after the first treatment, for best results you may need up to three treatments set at 30-day intervals.

For microneedling at Celebrating Women Center, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.