NovaSure (Alternative Hysterectomy)



NovaSure (Alternative Hysterectomy) minimally invasive procedure.

You don’t need to have a costly outdated procedure at a Hospital. Dr. Adrienne Lara uses NovaSure to stop the bleeding and restore life.

Dr. Adrienne E. Lara, Oxnard’s highest rated Ob/Gyn believes women should have options. One of those options is an alternative to Hysterectomy and an option for those women who are experiencing:

  • Spotting
  • Excessive Bleeding

Here is why Dr. Lara says “NovaSure is the best option for women who done with their family planning.”

  • Minimally Invasive
  • No General Anesthesia
  • Cost effective
  • 95% Patient Satisfaction Rate
  • 97% would recommend NovaSure to a friend
  • 70% of Endometrial Ablation procedures performed are NovaSure.
  • Procedure takes 5 minutes

Dr. Lara would ask “Is your period affect your quality of life? Also…

  • Are your periods heavy or do they last a long time?”
  • Would your quality of life improve if you could decrease or potentially eliminate your heavy periods?
  • Do your heavy periods affect your social, athletic or sexual activities or cause you to miss work?
  • Do you change protection frequently or carry large quantities of feminine products and/or a change of clothes?
  • Do your heavy periods cause anxiety, PMS, or pain?

To learn more about NovaSure and alternatives to Hysterectomy and if it is an option for you call 805-988-7577

Read real patient reviews here:

Denise wrote:

“This procedure has been a life saver and I thought there was no hope. I never ever wanted to go under so I thought I was doomed. NovaSure was the right choice. Thanks Dr. Lara.”

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